Language model for simple reference related to health Health & Medical care

The gpts created this time is simply a language model that can be used as a reference in relation to health. When training the model, I did not provide any separate files. I simply fine-tuned chatgpt with a prompt and adjusted it to speak only about health-related topics.

The reason I made it

I’ve always been very interested in health, so I created it with doubts about how much help I could get.

I also worry about my job as the performance of these artificial intelligence models improves, but on the other hand, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if I can get help in many ways without incurring a lot of opportunity cost. So I started producing it.



The same goes for other gpts I made, and this model was also made for simple reference purposes. Users must carefully judge whether the model’s answers are hallucinated and check whether the information is correct.

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