GPTs in 2 modes created for Koreans

The gpts produced this time can be used in Korean conversation mode and English translation mode.

  • Korean mode
    • Answer only in Korean.
    • (You can think of it as speaking in Korean.)
  • English translation mode
    • The question asked in Korean is translated into English.
    • (not answering the question)

The reason I made it

When I used Chat GPT, there were many cases where even if I asked a question in Korean, the answer was in English, and if I did not add a prompt like “Answer in Korean” at the end of the question, there were many cases where the person would suddenly answer in English while conversing well. So, we created a gpts that only communicates in Korean for Koreans.

You can also activate the English translation mode, which translates the written Korean sentences directly into English.

As a result, Korean conversation and translator functions were included.



another model

You can also take a look at models created to help foreigners study Korean comfortably.
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