This GPTs that help you study Korean well

This is mygpts, which I created to help foreigners learn Korean as easily as possible. When asking a question in another language, it was designed to show the other language, Korean, and pronunciation symbols at the same time.

Reason for making it

I thought of an image of how foreigners study Korean.

  1. “What does hello mean?”
  2. Study Korean words or practice one sentence at a time.
  3. Watch dramas and movies made in Korean and listen to Korean music.
  4. Talk to Koreans.

In my experience, numbers 3 and 4 were good. When studying English, I watched my favorite foreign movies with Korean subtitles turned on, and later, I had fun watching the movies without the Korean subtitles, memorized the lines, and talking to foreigners helped me improve my skills a lot.

I was wondering how to apply the above experience to mygpts.

The answer is the language asked + Korean translation + phonetic symbols, but if you ask a question in Korean, the answer is set to be in Korean.


korean teacher

We hope this will help foreigners learn Korean.

another model

You can also look at a model that combines Korean gpt and English translator.
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