Meet The Owner:

Hi Prize Babes! We'd first like to thank you personally for supporting our business! Every order is highly appreciated. Introducing, Sydney Hoyle, the founder of I Am The Prize, LLC, was born and raised in Dallas, Tx. Sydney obtained her Accounting degree from THE Texas Southern University in Third-Ward Houston, Tx in Spring of 2017. Before graduating, she secured a career with one of the top four Oil and Gas companies in the world! Since then, there has been many experiences, some truly wonderful and some... not so pleasant. Going through learning curves are life's challenges that you aren't always fully prepared for. There's also past traumas that you've probably avoided and they are now resurfacing. Sydney  started to question her purpose and spiritual growth was needed. People do not grow because they are comfortable, they grow because they are uncomfortable. In 2019, a close friend told Sydney, "You are the purpose." As she pondered and pondered on that thought... it finally came to her.. "I Am The Prize", she began to repeat it "I Am The Prize!", "I am the gift, I am the purpose, I am the prize!" Sydney began to workout regularly and attend therapy sessions. She also prayed and meditated more often while reading developmental books to guide her through her journey. This truly inspired her to share the joy of truly believing that YOU and God are all you need in this life. If you're searching for your purpose, look no further! Just take a moment and look within! Love you Prize Babes!