Notice of GPT Store release delay


Hello, while I was producing and uploading various services on gpts, I was looking forward to the news that it would be released at the end of 2023, but I received an email from openai informing me that the release…

Universe of Eyes


It creates beautiful shapes that focus on the human eye and are reminiscent of the universe. The reason I created it I have been interested in beautiful human eyes for a long time. I was immersed in a deep…

QR code generator

qr코드 크리에이터

We created a QR code quickly by entering a link or text. It is good to use when creating QR codes. ChatGPT – QR Code Creator (openai.com) The reason I made it I went around to various places to create…


mygpts프로젝트 썸네일

We create a variety of helpful services using GPTs released by Open AI’s Chat GPT. All models I have created can be viewed at GPT STORE. View the GPTs created by iamtp.com | GPTStore.AI